Get AS number show IP range, routing and description info

An Autonomous System (AS) is a collection of networks, or routers, administered as a group and sharing a common set of routing policies. AS numbers, the unique identifiers for these groups, are managed along with IP addresses by the five RIRs (Regional Internet Registries). Autonomous System numbers are a vital part of the Internet’s core routing System, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

The IP forwarding algorithm, commonly known as IP routing, is a specific implementation of routing for IP networks. In order to achieve a successful transfer of data the algorithm uses a routing table to select a next-hop router as the next destination for a datagram. The IP address that is selected is known as the next-hop address.

In the IPv4 address space certain address blocks are specially allocated or reserved for special uses such as loopback interfaces, private networks (RFC 1918),

[1] and state-less autoconfiguration (Zeroconf, RFC 3927)[2] of interfaces. Such addresses may be used without registration or allocation from Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). However, these address ranges must not be routed into the public Internet infrastructure.

Our bash/unix script gives you all the necessary info.

Starting the script: if the archive is decompressed on your Desktop =>1. open Terminal 2. cd /root/Desktop 3. ./ or double click on the script then click run in Terminal.

If you can’t start the script or you get “permission denied“, right click the script -> click properties -> click Permissions -> select “Allow executing file as program” or directly in the command line, type: chmod +x

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